You’re In Problems, 2022-2023
D-printed photography in silk, water, basin. 

Curator’s note:
Dev Dhunsi’s installation is built around the photograph taken by the artist in India, in his relatives’ neighborhood, which depicts a sign for a health clinic that reads “URINE PROBLEMS.” The sign changes its messaging in relation to the state of the neighborhood’s health. “I photographed it with longer shutter speed,” the artist explains, “making the sign drip out of its formal presentation.” He then printed the photograph on silk textile, creating a cascading sculptural waterfall that references the clinic’s responsiveness to
collective physical unease and a physical sense of oversaturation by the surrounding environment.

The city in which Dhunsi’s relatives live is an industrial and agricultural center, which impacts their health. But the work also relates to several incidents with the police the artist
experienced in Norway, where he was born and raised. Infrastructure always conditions the body, just as the textile in Dhunsi’s installation is impacted by the conditions of the
installation. The water drips constantly, but does not fill up the basin or run dry. The textile will eventually break down under the water flow.

 - Natasha Llorens

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All rights reserved, Dev Dhunsi