Exhibited at PodiumHong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences

Art project by 

Bobby Yu Shuk Pui

Cast: @__mel_chan__ @livtsim_ @clokserene @helenebergsholm @bobby_999 @asmundskuterud @mulolandrive @jennifriisb
Producer, Director and Writer: @bobby_999
First Assistant of Director: @kaki.wong.kaki
Director of photography: @rckrdll
Camera Assistant: @johcarin
Gaffer: @cinemaurud
Sounds Recordist: Liew Ceng Teng,
Art production: @gamlemercedes @chrislee.zip @marion_fransrud
Wardrobe of Receptionists & Gamber: @avenue.fyi
Wardrobe of Customers: @chrislee.zip
Stylist of Receptionists & Gamber: @jennifriisb
Stylist of Customers: @chrislee.zip
Make-up artist: @gloopmakeup @muatildemy
Hair Stylist: @katarina.artistry
Production Manager: @magnusholmen
Production Assistants: @jljljljljljljljljljlj , @fanye.yuan , @leilamarinacb
Chef(Catering Service): @saleemfang
Drivers: Toma Transport, @rckrdll
English Subtitle Translator: cy
Norwegian Monologue Translator: @kachunlay
Still Photographer: @devdhunsi
Documentation photographer: @jackykuo5
Editing: @bobby_999
Colorist: @rckrdll
Sound designer: @weitingzen
Location Support: @podium_oslo @tiltoslo

Project support by Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond (BKV), Kulturrådet - Norsk Kulturfond, Kulturrådet - Fone for lyd og bilde, Oslo Kommune, **Hong Kong Arts Development Council (**ADC).

Exhibition / Comission / Publication

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