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MaskiniTaal (2021)

Photography, Collage, Video (5:37 min)
Laser engraved wood, cotton paper
Silk screen print
Release of Uncertain States Scandinavia ISSUE 14 exhibition edition

When I grew up in Norway my family weekly received a local broadsheet from India. I remember picking it up from the mailbox, smelling the ink taking its place in the room, and after it was read, watching it burn in the fireplace. Without being able to read the written language I studied and created my own stories around the images. Today I look back and reconnect with the newspaper using it as reference and source of inspiration while  revitalising my own photographic archive and at the same time creating new expressions. Together it has become MaskiniTaal, a new word combined with Machine (in Norwegian) and Taal, that means rhythm, or a beat, in Indian classical music.


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