MaskiniTaal (2021) solo exhibition at Fotografiens Hus, Oslo.
Documentation image by Tor Simen Ulstein

Dev Dhunsi (b. 1996) lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. The artist has been educated at the Oslo National Academy of The Arts and The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. He has recently explored the distribution and attitudes towards photography and textile production creating a symbiotic relationship between the two mediums, while simultaneously looking at the world through a lens of queer theories and diasporic gaze. Recent exhibitions include: Fotogalleriet (Oslo; NO), Mint abf (Stockholm; SE), MELK (Oslo; NO), Kunstnernes Hus (Oslo; NO), National Sports Museum in Stockholm (SE; Stockholm).

devdhunsi@gmail(.)com for prints, books, or other inquiries.


His projects, developed in large installations, combine textiles, lens-based works, and experimental printing techniques into mixed media presentations. The images themselves speak to sociopolitical and anthropological questions that exist beyond the picture’s frame. Dhunsi’s works examine identity, origin, and encounters between cultures, exp loring the cultural bridge between his ancestries and upbringing in the physical landscapes of Scandinavia and the techno- and mediascapes of Asia. Dhunsi explores how a site turns into sight, pointing to photography’s intrinsic historical function of land grabbing, and how photographic representations have been used to serve the interests of dominant power structures.

Working with cameras in a non-human way focusing on materials such as minerals, spirits, and ancestors, he tries to create site- and time-specific works that can be experienced through multisensory channels. By giving visibility to images that morph, decay, and evolve, his ecosystems highlight the intimate yet expansive coexistences among diverse beings, acknowledging our shared and continuous participation in the processes of living, dying, and decomposing.

CV 2023


Master of Fine art (MFA) - The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm 2022-2024

Bachelor of Fine art (BFA) - Oslo National Academy of the Arts 2019-2022

Prosjektskolen Art School  2018-2019

Norwegian School of Photography 2016-2018


Citrus Studio


Plat(t)form 2023, portfolio and talent gathering at Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland

Futures Photography Talent programme 2023

Nasjonalmuseet (NO) 2022-2023 in relation to Queer cultural year in Norway

Public lectures:

2024 - Post-Documentation for Arts and Craft at Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2023 - The Notion of Images Moving, Oslo Negativ Photo Festival
2019 - RAKAVAN book presentation, Trondheim Dokumentarfestival
2018 - RAKAVAN book presentation, Nordic Light International Photography Festival

Selected solo exhibition:

2023 - Encircling Stories at MELK, Oslo

2021 - “MaskiniTaal” @ Fotografiens hus

2020 - “Nawanzamania Phases” @ P Zero Projecthalle, KHIO

2019 - Nordic Light International Photography Festival

2019 - Visiting/Paris barat TYVEN trondheim (Release of “rakavan” photo book)

Selected group exhibitions:

2023 - Vårutstillingen 2023 at Fotogalleriet, Oslo

2023 - Mejan Internationale: Home to Home, at Mint, Stockholm

2023 – «Indoctrination: Multivalent Gestures» group exhibition at Fotogalleriet, Oslo. Curated by Dahir Hussein

2022 – «Ringen bortom mattan» group exhibition at The sports Museum, curated by C-PRINT, Stockholm, Sweden

2022 – “In progress”, Landskrona Photo festival, Sweden curated by Atla Platform

2022 - Illusive Illusions, Group exhibition at Galleri Melk, Norway curated by Christian Tunge

2022 – Anothership – BA avgangsutstilling, KHIO

2022 – Othership – BA avgangsutstilling del 1, Kunstnernes hus

2021 – “Dette året”, Fotografihuset og Preus Museum, kuratert av Sofie Amalie Klougart og Christian Belgaux

2021 - "Light of my life" at DOPSGATE4 gallery, Oslo, Norway, curated by Noah Hunter Love

2020 - Blue Chip Baby - DuckertDetroit collaboration, Babel visningsrom for Kunst, Trondheim

2019 - Trondheim Dokumentarfestival, Exhibition and artist talk

2019 - “Portrait now!”, Nationalhistoriske Museum Fredriksborg Castle, DK

2019 - Palettes, Visitors Travel, curated by Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard and Sam Lubicz, FeldFünf, Berlin, Germany

2018 - "Rakavan" Encontros da imagem int. photo and visual art festival

2018 - "Rakavan" at Helsinki Photo Festival

2018 - Graduation exhibition Norwegian School of Photography

Print publication:

2023 - Encircling Stories photobook published by Heavy Books

2023 - Nasjonale Turistveger 30 år,

2021 -  Uncertain states Scandinavia (artist own edition) issue 14 released at MaskiniTaal

2021 - “Dette året” photo document initiated by Sofie Amalie Klougart og Christian Belgaux

2021 - Fresh eyes 2021, powered by GUP - Guide to unique photography

2021 - Visual wanderings by Objektiv, initiated by Nina Strand

2019 - Uncertain States of Scandinavia issue 10

2019 - RAKAVAN photobook published by Forlaget Fotografi

2018 - “Ett år etter Rakavan forsvant” hovedsak for Aftenposten, Adressavisen og Aftenbladet.

2018 - Tell the preacher the medicine in issue 15 for Contributor Magazine

2018 - Cover for The list vol. 2

Online publication:

2021 – Paper Journal – on MaskiniTaal

2018 - VICE dk on Rakavan book project

2018 - “Ett år etter Rakavan forsvant” for Aftenposten, Adressavisen og Aftenbladet.

2018 - Outtake from "Rakavan" for Acreati

2018 - Younes exclusive for KALTBLUT Magazine

2018 - Tell the preacher the medicine, Contributor Magazine


2022 - Kulturrådet - Prosjektstøtte til kunstnere i etableringsfasen

2022 - Kulturrådet - Støtte til Kunstfaglige publikasjoner

2022 - Kulturrådet - Prosjektstøtte til kunstnere i etableringsfasen

2021 - Norsk Fotografisk fond - Prosjektstøtte

2020- Fritt ord - Prosjektstøtte

Fresh eyes Talent 2021, powered by GUP - Guide to unique photography

Gjesteoppholdsstøtte fra Kulturrådet/Art council Norway for kuratering av Ung Nordic Light 2020 (Cancelled due to covid)

Young talent prize 2019 / Nationalhistoriske Museum Denmark place of Fotografis’ portfolio prize 2018

SpareBank 1 SMN Talentstipend, Kultur 2019

Gullsnitt Biennale 17/18, Sølv - Årets nykommer


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